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Should the helmet law be repealed to save bikeshare?

Should the helmet law be repealed to save bikeshare?

Alan DaviesNov 28, 201283 Comments

The environmental and health benefits of bikeshare schemes are way too small by themselves to justify repeal of the helmet law. Any debate on changing the law should be evidence-based and inclusive

Does concern for the environment drive public transport patronage growth?

Alan DaviesJun 27, 20118 Comments

According to a recent paper, research by the Victorian Department of Transport

Should (some) Melbourne golf courses be turned into forest?

Alan DaviesJun 10, 20105 Comments

Melbourne could have one of the largest urban forests of any city in the world if some of the golf courses along the Yarra River were converted to urban forest

Melbourne will be a car city for a long time yet

Alan DaviesMar 9, 201016 Comments

It seems likely that many more Melbourne travellers will drive cars in the foreseeable future than take public transport. This is not necessarily the disaster that it might at first ap