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Electoral law



High Court loses its patience

Charles RichardsonMay 16, 20162 Comments

The High Court expends little energy in disposing of the constitutional argument against Senate voting reform.

Election preview: Philippines

Charles RichardsonMay 6, 2016

The Philippines elect a new president on Monday, with the front-runner making many people uncomfortable.

Queensland government disgraces itself

Charles RichardsonApr 22, 20164 Comments

Queensland's Labor government has turned the clock back to compulsory preferential voting in the pursuit of short-term electoral advantage.

Primary season moves west

Charles RichardsonMar 24, 2016

Another set of primary results fail to clinch the presidential nomination on either side. With 19 states to go, the contests are moving into somewhat different territory.

Three years or four?

Charles RichardsonMar 19, 20164 Comments

Queensland's politicians want to give themselves an extra year before being accountable to their voters. The voters may not be so keen on the idea.

The continuing struggle for Senate democracy

Charles RichardsonFeb 17, 20161 Comment

Don't depend on the media to explain what's at stake with Senate voting reform, or even to point out the biases of their sources.

Election preview: Spain

Charles RichardsonDec 18, 2015

Spain has undergone a political upheaval in the last four years, making Sunday's election the most unpredictable anyone can remember.

New regions, new politics

Charles RichardsonDec 5, 2015

French regional elections tomorrow will tell us more about the size of the surge for the far-right National Front and the impact of the recent terrorist attacks.

Two election results

Charles RichardsonOct 21, 20151 Comment

The polls got it right in Switzerland; less so in Canada, but for explicable reasons.

Election preview: Canada

Charles RichardsonOct 19, 20152 Comments

Canada's Liberals look set to avenge their dreadful 2011 result tonight, meaning that the country might be set for fairer elections in future.