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A nailbiter in Austria

Charles RichardsonMay 24, 2016

Austria elects a Green president, keeping out the far right by the narrowest of margins.

Scots clip the nationalists' wings

Charles RichardsonMay 8, 20161 Comment

Scottish voters swing from Labour to Conservative, and also deprive their Nationalist government of a majority.

Trump, and other updates

Charles RichardsonMay 4, 20163 Comments

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, after his last major rival conceded in Indiana. That, plus updates from Ireland, Iran and Equatorial Guinea.

Back to the polls in Spain

Charles RichardsonApr 29, 2016

Spain will hold fresh elections in June, after its political parties failed to reach agreement on forming a new government. It's not at all obvious that this will solve anything.

Austria and Serbia

Charles RichardsonApr 27, 2016

Compare and contrast: a parliamentary election re-enforces the mainstream in Serbia, and a presidential election swings big to the far right in Austria.

Election preview: Serbia

Charles RichardsonApr 24, 20162 Comments

Serbia's government seeks a fresh mandate tonight and is likely to get it, but it's not clear whether that will do anything to speed up its admission to the European Union.

Justice for genocide

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Radovan Karadžić, unsurprisingly, is convicted of war crimes. Why do we bother?

Words that kill: terrorism and "Islamism"

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Why "Islamist" is the wrong word to use to describe terrorists, and why some people want us to use it anyway.

A European quiz question

A European quiz question

Charles RichardsonMar 30, 20163 Comments

Two groups of European countries. Explain what's different about them.

Germany gets a far-right party (again)

Charles RichardsonMar 15, 2016

Three state elections in Germany are dominated by the refugee issue. The far right makes gains, but there is some good news for Angela Merkel as well.