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Political issues



Election preview: Serbia

Charles RichardsonApr 24, 20162 Comments

Serbia's government seeks a fresh mandate tonight and is likely to get it, but it's not clear whether that will do anything to speed up its admission to the European Union.

Queensland government disgraces itself

Charles RichardsonApr 22, 20164 Comments

Queensland's Labor government has turned the clock back to compulsory preferential voting in the pursuit of short-term electoral advantage.

Why local government isn't local

Charles RichardsonApr 6, 20161 Comment

The Baird government in New South Wales says that taking the "local" out of local government will lead to improved efficiency. Is there any reason to think that's true?

Justice for genocide

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Radovan Karadžić, unsurprisingly, is convicted of war crimes. Why do we bother?

Words that kill: terrorism and "Islamism"

Charles RichardsonMar 31, 2016

Why "Islamist" is the wrong word to use to describe terrorists, and why some people want us to use it anyway.

Presidential problems in the Americas

Charles RichardsonMar 23, 2016

Political crisis in Brazil raises thoughts about the relative stability of presidential and parliamentary systems – a question with obvious relevance to the United States presidential election.

Fiji, and the enabling of democracy's enemies

Charles RichardsonMar 18, 2016

Julie Bishop visits Fiji, apparently finding no cause for concern in a military ruler approaching ten years in office. And we wonder why voters seem to be giving up on democracy.

Germany gets a far-right party (again)

Charles RichardsonMar 15, 2016

Three state elections in Germany are dominated by the refugee issue. The far right makes gains, but there is some good news for Angela Merkel as well.

No joy for immigrants in Slovakia

Charles RichardsonMar 8, 2016

The anti-immigrant left in Slovakia loses out to the anti-immigrant right. At least it's a change.

Thoughts on a three party system

Charles RichardsonMar 7, 20161 Comment

Talk of "neoliberalism" obscures the existence of actual liberals, just at the time when we need them most.