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Latin america



Another dictator's daughter in the lead

Charles RichardsonApr 14, 2016

The daughter of Peru's jailed authoritarian leads in her country's presidential election. Meanwhile, South Korea's president, with a similar background, suffers a rebuff at the polls.

Presidential problems in the Americas

Charles RichardsonMar 23, 2016

Political crisis in Brazil raises thoughts about the relative stability of presidential and parliamentary systems – a question with obvious relevance to the United States presidential election.

Bolivia says No

Charles RichardsonFeb 24, 20162 Comments

In what looks like a win for Latin American democracy, Bolivia's voters appear to have turned down a proposal to extend presidential term limits.

What to watch for in 2016

Charles RichardsonJan 8, 2016

Twenty elections to watch out for around the world in 2016.

South America's shift to the right

Charles RichardsonDec 10, 20152 Comments

Venezuela's government turns out to be neither as popular nor as undemocratic as left and right (respectively) would have had you believe.

Two big ones for the right

Charles RichardsonOct 29, 20152 Comments

Big swings to the right in Poland and Argentina suggest change is on the way. But electoral systems matter as much as actual votes.

Election preview: Argentina

Charles RichardsonOct 25, 2015

A three-way race for president in Argentina looks like confirming the country's leftward direction, but there may be troubled times ahead.

Sanctions, east and west

Charles RichardsonDec 20, 20143 Comments

American sanctions against Cuba have had more than fifty years to work, but haven't. Sanctions against Russia, however, are doing unexpectedly well.

Four elections in one day

Charles RichardsonOct 27, 2014

A summary of yesterday's four elections, in Brazil, Ukraine, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Election preview: Brazil

Charles RichardsonOct 4, 2014

Tomorrow sees the first round of an interesting three-way contest for president of Brazil, which seems to have been transformed by a plane crash.