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Three years or four?

Charles RichardsonMar 19, 20164 Comments

Queensland's politicians want to give themselves an extra year before being accountable to their voters. The voters may not be so keen on the idea.

Bolivia says No

Charles RichardsonFeb 24, 20162 Comments

In what looks like a win for Latin American democracy, Bolivia's voters appear to have turned down a proposal to extend presidential term limits.

A victory, but not a mandate

Charles RichardsonSep 29, 20151 Comment

Elections show Catalonia split down the middle on the question of independence. That's a good reason for Madrid to negotiate, but it's not a mandate for unilateral action.

Catalan independence hangs in the balance

Charles RichardsonSep 25, 20151 Comment

Voters in Catalonia go to the polls on Sunday in a regional election that will decide whether or not to push for independence. It looks like being close.

Greece says "No"

Charles RichardsonJul 6, 2015

The result of the Greek referendum is very clear. Now the fight is on to decide what it means.

No ordinary referendum in Greece

Charles RichardsonJul 5, 20151 Comment

The hastily-organised Greek debt/bailout referendum could go either way – which is appropriate, since no-one is quite sure what either result would mean.

Catalonia's "yes" vote is just the beginning

Charles RichardsonNov 12, 20143 Comments

No surprise that the "yes" vote won a big victory in Catalonia's independence referendum. The question is whether it was big enough to bring the central government to the negotiating table.

Scotland almost live

Charles RichardsonSep 19, 2014

Scotland votes decisively against reclaiming its independence.

Mr Abbott takes on the Scots

Charles RichardsonAug 16, 2014

The Australian prime minister has a go at telling Scotland which way it should vote in next month's independence referendum. Scots are unlikely to be impressed.

Kurds move closer still to statehood

Charles RichardsonJul 4, 2014

With continued chaos in Iraq, the country's Kurds find that independence may now be within their grasp.