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Day 9 (29/12/09): Two cities, two stars

Scott BridgesDec 31, 2009

After a night spent defending ourselves against pissed off mosquitoes we grabbed some breakfast in advance of our journey to Chennai. While I drank my tea and browsed the newspaper I wa

Day 8 (28/12/09): The Goddess of Indian Youth

Scott BridgesDec 31, 2009

After a decent sleep in and a lazy coffee we walked down the road to the Five Rathas – one of

Day 7 (27/12/09): Traffic management and German tourists

Scott BridgesDec 29, 20093 Comments

Spykey woke up still feeling a bit tired but much improved on yesterday. While she was packing her bag I ducked out for a sly masala chai on the side of the road. Standing in the mornin

Day 6 (26/12/09): A gastro hangover

Scott BridgesDec 27, 20092 Comments

Poor Spykey was up frequently during the night with the effects of gastro so she was exhausted all of today, despite the gastro easing off significantly before midday. I ducked out earl

Cool photo

Scott BridgesDec 26, 20091 Comment

Day 5 (25/12/09): A very belly Christmas

Scott BridgesDec 26, 20093 Comments

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our Indian Christmas conformed perfectly to the stereotype, with Spykey spending the day between bed and toilet suffering from gastro. The scorecard now reads

Day 4 (24/12/09)

Scott BridgesDec 25, 20092 Comments

Woke up after a terrible gastro sleep feeling extremely tender and light-headed. We left the hotel at about 10:00am and procured breakfast of dry baguette (me) and street food (Spykey).

Day 3 (23/12/09)

Scott BridgesDec 25, 20092 Comments

Awake at 5:45am for our 6:30am train to Pondicherry. A pre-dawn walk through the streets of Trichy with our backpacks allowed us to watch the city come slowly to life. Street vendors we

Day 2 (22/12/09)

Scott BridgesDec 23, 20095 Comments

Slept like a bearded baby all night, woken briefly only by a massive fight between a pack of dogs somewhere nearby, and the Muslim call to prayer just before dawn. At 6:45am the room's

Day 1 (22/12/09)

Scott BridgesDec 22, 20095 Comments

After a hell overnight flight from Australia to Malaysia (Air Asia will apparently be upgrading every seat in its fleet during 2010 due to overwhelming customer feedback -- no shit) we