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Gentlemen of Leisure: How many countries have you visited?

Rafiq CopelandJan 29, 201013 Comments

The worst thing about travelling? Having to deal with the colossal morons that are other travellers. Rafiq Copeland plays the one-up travel game.

When in ...

Scott BridgesJan 29, 20105 Comments

Earlier this week in Panaji, Spykey and I hit a restaurant that had been written up in Lonely Planet as "a compulsory pit stop". Now, granted, it's been nearly three years since

King of Change

Scott BridgesJan 29, 20102 Comments

A couple of weeks back I wrote: Across the road from the museum w

Christopher Pyne's Unicorn Hunt

Scott BridgesJan 28, 20105 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, in collaboration with Crikey's First Dog on the Moon, and especially his excellent

In d(i)a news

Scott BridgesJan 28, 20101 Comment

On the news menu today we have a selection of highlights from the Goa Herald, 25 January, 2010, chosen because they are interesting for various reasons. These three letters ap

Responsible tourism: plastic waste

Responsible tourism: plastic waste

Scott BridgesJan 27, 20105 Comments

Last week I wrote a piece on rubbish disposal but deliberately kept plastic waste

How to drive through an Indian intersection

How to drive through an Indian intersection

Scott BridgesJan 27, 20103 Comments

Spotted in Panaji

Scott BridgesJan 25, 20102 Comments

A man in his early- to mid-twenties, walking through the street wearing a t-shirt bearing the following design: I am a master of H. T. M. L. (How

Embracing imperfection

Scott BridgesJan 24, 20103 Comments

A few days ago while checking out the dense shopping strips of Arambol village, store after store selling exactly the same stuff from exactly the same suppliers, Spykey and I came acros

My new board shorts are awesome

Scott BridgesJan 24, 20104 Comments

So far this trip I'd only become aware of a couple of things I forgot to pack. One of them was quite important: a surge protector for charging the netbook, mobile phone etc. that is cur