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Gentlemen of Leisure: A pheasant spot of hunting

Gentlemen of Leisure: A pheasant spot of hunting

Rafiq CopelandFeb 26, 20103 Comments

Rafiq Copeland heads off for a day of English pheasant hunting, even though he's thirty years younger than everyone else and doesn't wear tweed.

Becoming The Mark

Becoming The Mark

Kevin O’FaircheallaighFeb 23, 2010

Bartering in a South East Asian country isn't easy. Particularly when you're unable to speak the language and don't want to rip people off. Instead, they get to rip you off! says Kevin O'Faircheallaigh.

Gentlemen of Leisure: Things Chileans Like -- Bad customer service

CrikeyFeb 19, 20101 Comment

I don't know if Chileans actually like bad customer service, but its certainly a possibility given its prevalence here, writes Katy Morrison from Santiago.

Slide Night: Going veg in a meat-lover’s paradise

Slide Night: Going veg in a meat-lover’s paradise

CrikeyFeb 18, 20103 Comments

Being a vegetarian is difficult enough at home “we’ll slap your mushrooms on the barbie next, Dan — that way they’ll have a lovely taste of steak”), but it can be nearly impossible when travelling overseas, writes Dan Miller.

Responsible tourism: charity

Scott BridgesFeb 16, 20101 Comment

As any traveller to India or similar countries would confirm, one of the most confronting aspects of these countries is the extreme poverty which gets right up in your face and challenges everything that you believe about the world and yourself.

Gentlemen of Leisure: Things Chileans Like -- making speeches

Gentlemen of Leisure: Things Chileans Like -- making speeches

CrikeyFeb 15, 20104 Comments

Chileans, particularly Chilean dads love to give a speech. And not just your "short and sweet" speech, we're talking speeches covering love, life, the world, evolution and a touch of philosophy, writes Katy Morrison.

Slide Night: Snow day

Slide Night: Snow day

CrikeyFeb 11, 2010

Shot using: Some crappy digital camera Jess writes: Snow. Not a foreign concept, although Hollywood would have me believe the king of Siam had i

Letter from Havana: a Kool new year in Cuba

Amber JamiesonFeb 10, 2010

One of our latest editions of Crikey's Letter From takes us to the hot streets of Havana and Barcoa, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution. There was even a performance where Kool & the Gang played.

Coming home

Scott BridgesFeb 8, 201018 Comments

Due to a family illness Lisa and I have decided to end our trip and come home. We'll be back in Melbourne later this week. While neither of us are in any doubt that our decision is the right one, it's still a sad decision to make, writes Scott Bridges.

Gentleman of Leisure: Plymouth -- like Geelong, but with worm charming

Rafiq CopelandFeb 5, 20102 Comments

When I first arrived here, I jumped to the conclusion that Plymouth was basically Geelong - or more ,what Geelong would be like if it had reached the peak of its cultural significance in the Elizabethan period, writes Rafiq Copeland.