So where should you be planning your next overseas holiday? According to the Daily Examiner:

“The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show overseas departures at near-record highs – increasing more than 10% in the seven months to July, compared with the same period last year…

…The Expedia NAB Travellers’ Foreign Currency Rankings compares the performance of the Australian dollar, against the world’s currencies over a 12-month period, to reveal the top 10 best-value destinations for Australian travellers.”

So the top 10 rated spots based on currency AUD percentage gain (ie. the best value destinations for Aussie tourists) are:

  1. Turkey (Lira) +22%
  2. Tanzania (Shilling) +18%
  3. Vietnam (Dong) +16%
  4. Argentina (Peso) +14%
  5. Thailand (Baht) +12%
  6. Iceland (Krona) +11%
  7. Hong Kong (Dollar) +11%
  8. USA (Dollar) +10%
  9. Pakistan (Rupee) +10%
  10. Philippines (Peso) +9%

Where’s your next holiday booked to? Mine is to Argentina in December/January, so I’m feeling excited now…

**And speaking of travel to good-value destinations, W H Chong is currently in Hanoi and writing beautiful blog updates about the food, architecture, art, fashion and people in the way only he can. Check out Culture Mulcher here.

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