November, 2012

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Red Ink Run: Tanks for the memory — part 1

, Nov 22, 2012

K Johnson went traipsing through Nagorno-Karabakh, a de-facto state closely allied with Armenia, and a mighty thorn in the side of Azerbaijan who will refuse any traveller entry to their country if they show evidence of having been there.
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And the winner is… Azerbaijan!

, May 18, 2011

Azerbaijan -- a country that was on no one's mind a mere week ago until a television audience of millions watched it soar to glory in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on the weekend. With the ink on its name barely dry on the victor’s podium, Crikey gets the jump with the following definitive list of some of the greatest things about visiting the country.
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That’s some catch, that catch 22 (or, how not to get into Azerbaijan)

, Oct 20, 2010

Richard Norman writes: I’m in Kiev, chilling out and reading Lonely Planets’ Azerbaijan forums before heading out to the airport, for what promises to be a delightful 2:45am flight to Baku. I see a new post mentioning rumors that Azerbaijan is about to stop issuing visas at the border like they’ve done for the last […]