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Eagles fight rabbits at a Kyrgyzstani hunting carnival

Editor’s Warning: some of the below photos are gruesome and show dead animals. Robin O’Brien writes: For something different, I tagged along to an eagle hunting carnival. This event is held every year in Bokonbayevo, Kyrgyzstan and it was a big one, since eagle Oymok was making his return from injury, having been bitten by a […]

Laughing about murder: an awkward Kyrgyzstan taxi

Robin O’Brien writes: It was pitch dark and minus 10 when we left Murghab, Tajikistan for Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It dropped to minus 16 within a few minutes of leaving town. The car’s heating was broken so we had to keep the air con on high to stop the windscreen freezing up. It was a right hand drive […]