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Red Ink Run: Iraq and a hard place

Red Ink Run: Iraq and a hard place

K JohnsonDec 12, 20124 Comments

In Mashhad there are no schedules

In Mashhad there are no schedules

Scott BridgesAug 16, 20105 Comments

Meet Vali.

Camping in the Kaluts

Camping in the Kaluts

Scott BridgesAug 7, 20105 Comments

After a week or more stuck in cities – charming as they were – I was really k

Esfahan, Yazd and Shiraz: some piccies

Esfahan, Yazd and Shiraz: some piccies

Scott BridgesAug 3, 20106 Comments

These three large central-Iranian cities form somewhat of a golden triangle for visitors to the country. Full of tick-the-box must-see sights, they may not have the charm of other activ

A day in the desert

Scott BridgesJul 21, 20104 Comments

Back at the house we once again took our place on the courtyard porch, drank more tea, and waited for dinner. By this stage I was feeling about as relaxed and content as I can remem

Zam Zam Slam

Scott BridgesJul 18, 20106 Comments

So, I got the hell out of Tehran. There's still loads more there I'd like to see but I needed to get out of the big city and get somewhere calmer, and I've scheduled two days to finish

Just an ordinary Tehran day

Scott BridgesJul 15, 20103 Comments

Seriously, in just three days the people of Iran have won the friendliest, most generous nationality on earth competition. Hands down.

First Iran-pressions

Scott BridgesJul 13, 20108 Comments

Scott Bridges has finally arrived in Tehran!

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