September, 2012

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Life as a full-time traveller

, Sep 10, 2012

Born in Siberia, but of German descent, Eugen and his family returned to Germany when he was seven, following the footsteps of many compatriots at the time. Since then, Eugen has travelled to 52 different countries.
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The top five Asian dishes for tourists to try

, May 23, 2012

Bite. Chew. Swallow. It is easier said than done. Particularly when faced with a deep fried tarantula the size of your hand or an embryonic egg, sevens weeks in the making. Travelling through Asia can challenge many of your attributes but none more acutely than your tastebuds and, perhaps, gag reflex. If you’re game, start chewing through this list and see where you end up.
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Where the bloody hell do you choose to go?

, Apr 10, 2012

For me the biggest travel drama this year is not figuring how I can afford it or when my boyfriend and I can both get time off work, it's figuring out where the bloody hell to go.

Go on a holiday to work your arse off

, Mar 22, 2012

Freelance journalist Ryan Jon writes: You’ve been working hard. You’ve been putting blood, sweat and tears into your job and now you’re physically and mentally exhausted. Sounds like you need a holiday. On your holiday, would you like to put in blood, sweat and tears to the point of physical and mental exhaustion? How does […]
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Room for one more: how to ride a tricycle

, Jan 10, 2012

Read the other parts of this series on public transport in Manila: part one — Room for one more: how to ride a jeepney  part two — Room for one more: riding the buses of Manila Henry Bateman writes: There is a truism, which I can vouch for from direct observation, that tricycle drivers know the longest way […]
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Experiencing Vietnam, old school style

, Jan 06, 2012

So you’ve just launched into a travel story. An amazing tale of bravery, derring-do and batik shopping in the face of extreme food poisoning. And you’re just about to reach the climax when someone pipes up: ‘Oh, Baluchistan. I was there before it was trendy.’ Yes, it’s infuriating. No, I can’t help myself. Because (with […]
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Who advised your trip? Reviewing the top travel review sites

, Dec 19, 2011

As the year winds up, the Christmas holiday season kicks off. But how do you pick one hotel over another? Probably on the internet. Jess Gregory examines which travel review sites you should trust.
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The post-modern bogan: not so poor after all

, Nov 09, 2011

Chasing cheap beer and loose women around the European continent has a long and noble tradition stretching back to the 17th century, when young, aristocratic, mostly British men set off in search of refinement, classic antiquity and plenty of drunken sex. Not much has changed in 350 years.
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The Age goes to Bali: the worst travel article ever published?

, Oct 25, 2011

There’s a nauseating article all over the Fairfax press today titled “Bali: why bother?“. In it Age journalist Carolyn Webb talks about her recent holiday to Ubud, Bali, where touts harassing her to buy things and offering her transport on their motorbikes ruined her holiday. The souvenirs were too tacky, the streets were too noisy […]
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Only fools stay connected while travelling: the luddites fight back

, Sep 27, 2011

Troy Wilkinson writes: I couldn’t let the recent Back in a Bit piece “I travel therefore iPhone: why only idiots travel without a smart phone” pass without comment. Though in fairness to Ben Oliver it has nothing to do with the contents of his article and everything to do with the editor’s rather mischievous choice […]