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Day 20 (9/1/10): Oot and aboot in Ooty

Awake. While Lisa showered I ducked downstairs for a sly masala dosa and a flick through The Hindu. By 11:00am we were back on a bus, this time bound for the mountain town of Ooty. As this was our third bus trip in four days we were starting to get That Look on our faces […]

Day 19 (8/1/10): Bus, bus, bus

This morning we (along with Nikki) hired a rickshaw to drive us the 26km to a waterfall which was reported to be a bit good looking and also suitable for a bit of a swim. An hour-and-a-quarter later, after climbing through tea fields to the top of the mountain range, and then coasting down through […]

Day 18 (7/1/10): Go by walk

For the first time since arriving in India I slept the entire night under a sheet. Also, for the first time since arriving in India I slept the entire night without a ceiling fan on. Also, for the first time since arriving in India I slept the entire night under two blankets. It’s India, peeps, […]

Day 17 (6/1/10): Vegetarian, except for the meat

Today was a travel day so we woke up, packed our bags, checked out, and walked into town for a quick breakfast of coffee and touristy toasted sandwiches. Afterwards we caught a rickshaw down to the ferry terminal where we experienced three-quarters of an hour of a typically frustrating Indian system at work. The men’s […]

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Day 16 (5/1/10): Elephants and cruising

Rudely awoken at the ungodly hour of 6:00am by our alarm clock, we walked into town to meet our driver for today’s activities. On the agenda was a visit to an elephant camp to watch the residents’ morning wash in the river, and then a cruise in a canoe on the Keralan backwaters in the […]

Day 15 (4/1/10): Just that kind of morning

Upon waking up to just another perfect Indian morning we ambled down for breakfast to the restaurant recommended by Alex. Deciding to go a little Western, Spykey ordered lemon and honey pancakes and I ordered fried eggs on toast. The friendliness of the owner and the cook made up for the slightly weak coffee and […]

Newspaper crime reporting, India style

Whenever possible, I’ve been buying a newspaper here in India, and at only one or two rupees each they’re spectacularly good value. I’m especially enjoying the crime reporting, and here is a great example from The Times Of India (Chennai edition), 29/12/09. Vehicles damaged in mysterious attack Chennai: Two motorcycles parked on the roadside went […]

Day 14 (3/1/10): Chillin’ at the Fort

Another lazy start to the day, but Fort Cochin is such a chilled place it’s hard to get too tense. While Spykey generated the motivation to get out of bed I went down to a little restaurant and had a masala omelette and coffee over the newspaper. I had to take bread with the omelette […]

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Day 13 (2/1/10): The best shower EVER

Despite the incessant noise – the sound of the train, the rushing wind, the overhead fans, passengers’ conversations, the symphony of snoring, and vendors advertising their wares up and down the carriage – I managed to get an okay-but-not-brilliant sleep. The rhythmic rocking of the carriage and the clatter of the wheels on the tracks […]