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Day 12 (1/1/10): The Wall, part II

A late start today because Spykey was very tired from yesterday’s gastro. By the time we checked out and paid Rs. 20 each to store our backpacks at the hotel reception it was midday. After a quick breakfast on the side of the road we started looking around for a bus to the AVM Film […]

Day 11 (31/12/09): The Wall, part I

Ladies and gentlemen, Spykey has charged ahead and taken a solid lead (pun intended): GASTRO SCORECARD Scott: 1 Spykey: 3 Unfortunately, Lisa being unwell meant that our activities for the day were off. While she hung around in the room drinking Gastrolyte I spent far too many hours running around Chennai booking us some sleeper […]

Day 10 (30/12/09): A day at the museum

Bit of a low key one today. Nice sleep in thanks to a quiet room and a comfortable bed, then a simple breakfast of idly and coffee followed by a thorough read of The Hindu and a much needed beard trim. While I read the paper and metrosexualised, Spykey went off to look at a […]

Day 9 (29/12/09): Two cities, two stars

After a night spent defending ourselves against pissed off mosquitoes we grabbed some breakfast in advance of our journey to Chennai. While I drank my tea and browsed the newspaper I watched three men collecting coconuts across the road – one at the top of the tree throwing them down, and two at the bottom […]

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Day 8 (28/12/09): The Goddess of Indian Youth

After a decent sleep in and a lazy coffee we walked down the road to the Five Rathas – one of two World Heritage sites in Mamallapuram. The Five Rathas are a set of carved stone monoliths just to the south of the city. There’s a temple, an elephant, and all the other sorts of […]

Day 7 (27/12/09): Traffic management and German tourists

Spykey woke up still feeling a bit tired but much improved on yesterday. While she was packing her bag I ducked out for a sly masala chai on the side of the road. Standing in the morning sun amongst a group of men – office workers, rickshaw drivers, street vendors – holding my scalding hot […]

Day 6 (26/12/09): A gastro hangover

Poor Spykey was up frequently during the night with the effects of gastro so she was exhausted all of today, despite the gastro easing off significantly before midday. I ducked out early to get some baguettes for her delicate stomach, grabbing a lovely onion dosa and a sweet, scalded-milk street coffee for myself on the […]

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From India – Pondicherry

Day 5 (25/12/09): A very belly Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our Indian Christmas conformed perfectly to the stereotype, with Spykey spending the day between bed and toilet suffering from gastro. The scorecard now reads: GASTRO SCORECARD Scott: 1 Spykey: 2 Spykey has two points because her gastro had the works, while mine only had the spews. Because I was looking after Lisa […]

Day 4 (24/12/09)

Woke up after a terrible gastro sleep feeling extremely tender and light-headed. We left the hotel at about 10:00am and procured breakfast of dry baguette (me) and street food (Spykey). I spent the day munching on nothing more than baguette. Next we went to the train station to find out about services to Chennai, discovering […]