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Day 3 (23/12/09)

Awake at 5:45am for our 6:30am train to Pondicherry. A pre-dawn walk through the streets of Trichy with our backpacks allowed us to watch the city come slowly to life. Street vendors were opening for business, sweeping the ground immediately in front of their shops to produce small squares of clean in a sea of […]

Day 2 (22/12/09)

Slept like a bearded baby all night, woken briefly only by a massive fight between a pack of dogs somewhere nearby, and the Muslim call to prayer just before dawn. At 6:45am the room’s doorbell rung and we were both shocked by the sudden realisation that we even had a doorbell. Outside, one of the […]

Day 1 (22/12/09)

After a hell overnight flight from Australia to Malaysia (Air Asia will apparently be upgrading every seat in its fleet during 2010 due to overwhelming customer feedback — no shit) we arrived into Kuala Lumpur Airport at 4.30am, severely sleep deprived and a bit grumpy. A coffee and some noodles later we boarded another Air […]

Comfort zones

It’s been an insane month leading up to our departure – moving house, storing possessions, ticking a trillion things off an ever-increasing list of tasks, organising bank accounts and credit cards, and all that stuff that comes along with any large change in the physical manifestation of your life. I said to Lisa really early […]

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In transit

In transit

Forgive me, Internets, for I am in Kuala Lumpur and I have sinned. From Malaysia I got free wi-fi in exchange for selling my soul to the coffee devil, but. Also: No. Flying to India in an hour-and-a-half. Spykey has a $13 blanket from Air Asia wrapped around her shoulders. A more cynical person than […]


At my sister’s house, about to leave for the airport. From Pre-departure See you on the flip side.

Imagining India

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to travel to India. Even after many years of thinking about visiting the country, reading books, consuming news, watching documentaries, and talking to other travellers, I still reckon my preconceptions of India — mental pictures of the sights and expectations for the experience — are […]

Here we go

At any given point in time there are millions of people travelling around the world. Some are on fully-paid luxury business trips, checking out their host cities between catered meetings and long lunches; some are on organised bus tours having the travel experience handed to them according to a timetable; some are with their families, […]