I haven’t been a big fan of the current Queensland government’s environmental record, but their decision to ignore the easy scaremongering and invest in recycling water is probably one of the best decisions they’ve made.  But it’s not just the water being recycled. The arguments against water recycling have been thrown up and debunked so many times it’s not funny. And for whatever reason, The Australian newspaper has suddenly decided to run a series of articles over recent days highlighting the usual concerns.

No drinking water can be said to be zero risk. But there are already many areas in Australia which source their drinking water downstream from sewage treatment works, none of which treat the water to anything like the standard that is being done in Brisbane.

Just to show I’m not just engaging in gratuitous bashing of The Australian, this opinion piece on their website by Paul Greenfield outlines the basic facts very well.  The Queensland government should be expanding the use of recycling to further strengthen the water capacity of south-east Queensland and scrapping the Traveston Dam instead. It’s cheaper, uses less energy and is just as safe.

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