Apr 13, 2009

Blogging resistance to Fiji’s military dictatorship

Kevin Rudd has said that Fiji is now “virtually a military dictatorship”.  I’m not sure w

Kevin Rudd has said that Fiji is now “virtually a military dictatorship”.  I’m not sure what else needs to happen before the word “virtually” gets dropped, but whatever term you want to use, it sure isn’t democracy – especially with the latest censorship crackdown. The dictatorship’s Secretary for Information, Major Neumi Leweni, is kindly providing ‘information officers’ and police to assist every media newsroom in Fiji with deciding what is and isn’t newsworthy. Some more details are on the Talking Fiji blog.

The renewed censorship will mean blogs and other sources of online information will probably become the main way to access uncensored information out of Fiji. 

Not long after this current coup first occurred, the military attempted to shut down access to anti-government blogs.  No doubt similar efforts will be made now, but at present there is a wide range of blogs providing some information and some vibrant rallying calls. 

The Intelligentsiya blog has been plugging away providing critiques on the military regime since early 2007, not long after the latest coup was initiated. 

In addition to those linked to above, some other examples include:

 Raw Fiji News;
 Discombobulated Bubu;
 Fiji Girl’s Weblog;
 Luvei Viti – Children of Fiji;
 Soli Vakasama;
 Fiji Democracy Now;
 Tears for Fiji;
 Coup Four and a Half.

Some commentary from Australian based blogs and news sites:

– (Apr 16) Charles Penn provides a “Message from Media-Gagged Fiji” at New Matilda

Jenny Hayward-Jones at The Interpreter examines the possible ramifications for the wider Pacific region if Fiji’s economy continues to deteriorate;

– posts on Club Troppo here and here (including some informative comments);

This post at Larvatus Prodeo was overly optomistic about the Court ruling that the government was unconstitutional.  The comments thread tracks the trashing of that decision.

– (18/4) Another piece at The Interpreter, this time by Graham Dobell.

– Legal Eagle examines some of the history and legal issues at Skeptic Lawyer.


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