Kill BillThe ever loquacious Quentin Tarantino is never short on conversation and loves to chinwag with the best of them so it’s easy (and probably recommended) to dismiss most of what he says as the disjointed rambles of a motor mouth pop culture geek forever riding the crest of some indeterminable high. But when he talks about certain things – say, upcoming projects he plans to direct – people sure as heck take notice, and such was the case when QT’s blabber on an Italian TV talk show last week spilled into discussion of another Kill Bill sequel. On the show Tarantino answered “maybe” to an Inglorious Basterds prequel, “it’ll never happen” to a Pulp Fiction sequel and, on the subject of Kill Bill, “the Bride will fight again!”

Here’s what he said:

“I gotta wait a couple years because I wanted 10 years to pass. There are two reasons why. One, I think Uma and I needed a 10-year break cause the first one was so hard. And second, I really love the character. I think she deserves a 10-year release of no fighting and being with her daughter Bebe, just of peace. I put her through a lot in those first two movies, I want her to have a nice, peaceful life for 10 years. I want her to set up her store, and have some peace. But after ten years we’ll make her fight again.”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s (motor) mouth: Beatrix Kiddo (aka The Bride) will once again slice and dice her way across the silver screen. Suggestions have been floating around that the storyline may involve the revenge of Nikki Green, the four-year-old who witnessed the death of her assassin mother Copperhead in the first Kill Bill movie.

Tarantino said 2014 is the most likely year of release for Kill Bill 3. Or, as it could alternatively be titled, Killing Someone Other Than Bill Because Bill is Already Dead.

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