Richard Wolstencroft

In the latest chapter of the gay zombie porn saga that, in the great tradition of the walking dead, simply refuses to die, the home of Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) director Richard Wolstencroft (pictured above) was raided by police this morning. They were on the hunt for copies of director Bruce LaBruce’s horror movie La Zombie, which was banned by the Office of Film and Literature Classification earlier this year.

In August Wolstencroft very publicly announced he planned to defy the OFLC’s ban and screen the film as the closing feature of the festival. The screening went off without a hitch; I know because I was sitting a few rows from the front and wrote about it for the Crikey newsletter. I also blogged a few days later about an online smear campaign ran against Wolstencroft by an ex-MUFF volunteer, which generated a rather – how do you say? – unpleasant response from the man himself. I adjusted the post to include an interview with Wolstencroft, which was granted under the proviso that I wouldn’t edit or editorialise his responses.

The Age entertainment editor Karl Quinn broke the police raid story this afternoon, reporting that:

It is believed the detectives considered removing every DVD in Wolstencroft’s house, as well as computers containing two movies on which he is working. They were eventually dissuaded by his insistence that he had destroyed his only copy of the film, on DVD, after the August screening. Wolstencroft also admitted to police that the August 29 screening had gone ahead and that he was solely responsible for it.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said Wolstencroft would face court at a later date.

Read the full story here.

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