The story of how the racy Australian drug drama Pure Shit was created and released is worthy of a film itself. There are heroes and allies, like director Bert Deling, our courageous protagonist, and author Bob Ellis, described by Deling as “a champion of the film from day one.” Then there are villains, such as a one-armed man from the censorship board (no, seriously) and Melbourne Herald critic Andrew Mckay, whose 1975 review famously described Pure Shit as “the most evil film I’ve ever seen.” It’s a long story, but a good’un.

I interviewed Deling some time ago and wrote a piece about Pure Shit for Spook Magazine last year. For one reason or another it was never published but — not entirely unlike how Pure Shit was found and re-released — Spook rediscovered it (presumably somewhere in the bowels of their labyrinthine folder structure) and published the story on its website. Head on over for a read.

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