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Apr 12, 2012

Parallax Podcast: Sean Penn’s reinvention, the bombast of Battleship, Tintin on DVD and more

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Has Sean Penn reinvented himself? Is Penn’s performance in his new film This Must be the Place his weirdest yet? And is the big budget bombast of Battleship — based on a board game — as dumb as it looks?

These questions and more are debated in this fortnight’s episode of The Parallax Podcast featuring myself, co-host Rich Hardy and cult film expert Zak Hepburn. Every fortnight we discuss the latest flicks at the cinema and on DVD in Australia.

In this episode Rich and I cover off on:

  • Sean Penn’s super strange turn in This Must be the Place;
  • the sound and fury of Battleship, reporting straight from the premiere;
  • Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Herge’s Tinin; and
  • the acclaimed Melancholia from provocateur Lars von Trier.

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