Luke Buckmaster

For pure, adrenalin-fuelled and intelligently made entertainment, Edgar Wright is one of my favourite contemporary directors. This guy found a way to make a zombie movie intense, funny and romantic in his first feature Shaun of the Dead (2004), which is rightfully lauded as the world’s first rom-zom-com. Wright’s follow up films Hot Fuzz (2007) and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) are every bit as sassy and enjoyable.

When I learned the 39-year-old director was on his way to Australia to promote his new movie The World’s End, I experienced a light bulb moment. Remembering a Melbourne 4D cinema I had recently visited — and left fanned, sprayed on and badly shaken — I asked Wright’s publicists whether I could meet him at that strange fourth dimensional Asian-imported playhouse. There we would record, I said, what would very probably be a world first: an interview between a film critic and a film director, inside a 4D cinema, while watching a 4D movie.

They called my bluff, and, to my astonishment, they said yes. Watch how we went in the video below.

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