Luke Buckmaster has been Crikey’s resident film critic since 2009. He began writing about films in 1997, when Tamagotchi’s were all the rage, Scottish scientists cloned a sheep named Dolly and the word ‘blogging’ sounded like something you did on the toilet.

Since then he’s penned his thoughts on cinema for a range of print and online publications including Crikey, The Guardian, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald, Senses of Cinema, Arts Hub, Screen Hub, Urban Cinefile and Filmink Magazine. He is currently Film Editor of Spook Magazine and Crikey’s resident film critic.

Luke’s career highlights include having his fashion sense critiqued by Virginia Trioli on ABC News Breakfast, providing copy pilfered by the #1 newspaper of an impoverished African nation and being described as courageous by Germaine Greer.

Luke occasionally lectures on cinema and in 2010 won an Australian Film Critics Association writing award for this review of Casey Affleck’s I’m Still Here. Along with a Melbourne-based filmmaker, he is currently developing a documentary called Death by Cinema.

Luke can be emailed here.

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