October, 2013

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‘Where the fuck were you?’ Interview with John Landis, director of The Blues Brothers & Three Amigos!

, Oct 16, 2013

On the subject of business in Hollywood, veteran John Landis -- director of classics such as The Blues Brothers, Three Amigos! and Animal House -- pulls no punches.
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Right for the Jugular — new Australian thriller comes to my lounge room

, Sep 05, 2013

Australian feature film Jugular opens this year's Melbourne Underground Film Festival. In it my friend goes crazy and there's a scene in my apartment. Allow me to explain.
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On a bleed to know basis: interview with Dror Moreh, director of The Gatekeepers

, Aug 21, 2013

Dror Moreh scored the coup of a lifetime when he sat down to talk to all surviving heads of Israeli intelligence agency, the Shin Bet. His Oscar-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers explores the grey areas of war and terrorism.
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Interview with Michael Winslow, Police Academy’s Man of 10,000 Sound Effects

, Aug 08, 2013

As the 'Man of 10,000 Sound Effects', his reputation precedes him. And speaking to Police Academy's Michael Winslow doesn't disappoint.
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Video: interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, stars of The World’s End

, Aug 04, 2013

After the halcyon highs of my bone-jittering 4D interview with The World's End director Edgar Wright, things came crashing back to earth when I sat down for a chat with stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
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Video interview: taking The World’s End director Edgar Wright into the fourth dimension

, Jul 24, 2013

Have you ever watched a film critic interview a major film director inside a 4D cinema, while watching a 4D movie? Let's assume the answer is no. Therefore, you've come to the right place.
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‘Have I made a difference in the world?’ Interview with James Cromwell, star of Still Mine

, Jun 11, 2013

Academy Award nominated character actor James Cromwell has appeared in dozens of popular film and TV shows since the 1970s -- but never, until now, in a lead role. Cromwell reflects on life, death, legacy, working as an ageing actor and much more.
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‘The tactics of Scientology’: filmmaker v Assange, WikiLeaks v the world

, Jun 03, 2013

The response to acclaimed director Alex Gibney's WikiLeaks documentary may say more about the current state of the organisation than anything in his film. I talked to Gibney -- and somehow got caught up in the maelstrom.
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‘Moments that happen one time’: interview with Derek Cianfrance, writer/director of The Place Beyond the Pines

, May 14, 2013

Derek Cianfrance's follow-up to his 2010 head turner Blue Valentine has guns, shoot-outs and Ryan Gosling -- but it's also a daring and unconventional work. There was plenty to talk about.
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‘You guys have got a thumb up your ass’: interview with Marlon Wayans, writer/star of A Haunted House

, May 03, 2013

Marlon Wayans isn't known for critically acclaimed work. But comedy is subjective and sometimes -- as he says of the critical populace -- "you guys have got a thumb up your ass."
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The beauty and horror of climate change: interview with Chasing Ice director Jeff Orlowski

, Apr 09, 2013

Jeff Orlowski's Oscar-nominated climate change documentary Chasing Ice reveals the delicate craft of measuring global warming on glacial ice. It's no easy job -- and neither is making a film about it.
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Dealmaker or dream breaker? Tropfest phenomenon comes down to heart, Polson insists

, Feb 18, 2013

Has Tropfest got too big for its own good? I speak to organiser John Polson after another wildly successful event in Sydney -- which some filmmakers refuse to enter.
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‘I am a mean looking Mexican’: interview with Hollywood hardass, Danny Trejo

, Feb 13, 2013

He's Hollywood's go-to guy for a mean looking Mexican. Veteran actor Danny Trejo has been in more films and TV shows than even he can count -- and his fascinating real-life story is every bit as intense as the kind of characters he portrays.
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All about the close-up: interview with Tom Hooper, director of Les Misérables

, Dec 28, 2012

Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Misérables has received a mixed response from critics. I talked to him about the mammoth task of bringing Les Mis to the big screen.
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To infinity, the aquarium and beyond: interview with Lee Unkrich, director of Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3

, Nov 13, 2012

Both myself and my three-year-old niece love Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Does having an impact on a person's formative years feel daunting for a filmmaker? I speak to director Lee Unkrich about this, the colossal influence of Pixar Studios and more.
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Good film, just don’t mention the ‘war’: interview with Paul Thomas Anderson

, Nov 06, 2012

I assumed acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson would be happy to discuss correlations between his new film, The Master, and the Scientology movement on which it was partly based. I was wrong.
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Fear, loathing, savages and success: interview with Benicio Del Toro

, Oct 16, 2012

Benicio Del Toro’s road to success has not been a conventional one. The Oscar-winning actor spoke to me about making it in Hollywood, his new film Savages, the legacy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and being a bad-ass Puerto Rican.
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Cruisin’ for a PR bruisin’: Chopper Read film over before it begins

, Oct 10, 2012

The producer claims they had an agreement. The star, Chopper Read, calls bullshit. Both speak to me about the bizarre launch of new Australian film The Hurtin' Kind Part One: The Albanian.
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Unscripted and on message: an interview with Mark Duplass, star of Your Sister’s Sister

, Sep 05, 2012

Director Lynn’s Shelton’s love-triangle-with-a-twist dramedy Your Sister’s Sister (which opens in select cinemas nationwide this week) is the best kind of micro budget American indie: a thoughtful, engaging, and, in its own unprepossessing way, daring feature built on strong performances and interesting characters. After making a scene at a memorial party for his late brother […]
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Underground and unrepentant: an interview with Terry McMahon, director of Charlie Casanova

, Aug 22, 2012

Charlie Casanova is not a film you watch and forget. Irish writer/director Terry McMahon’s grungy hard-hitting character portrait follows a self-obsessed sociopath named Charlie (Emmett J. Scanlan) who runs over a woman with his car and decides, Two Face style, to draw a card to determine whether he calls the police. His business is struggling, […]