November, 2011

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Interview with Jonathan Teplitzky, writer/director/producer of Burning Man

, Nov 22, 2011

Few films that deal with the pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one are as bold and innovative as Burning Man, a scorching new Australian drama from writer/director/producer Jonathan Teplitzky. His third and by far best feature film (Teplitzky also directed Better Than Sex and Gettin’ Square), Burning Man follows the whirlwind […]
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Burning Man movie review: smokin’ Australian drama

, Oct 17, 2011

Writer/director Jonathan Teplitzky (Gettin’ Square, Better Than Sex) offsets the grimness of making a film about overcoming grief by modelling what could have been a morbidly despairing downer into a pot of revved-up and risqué drama with a soulful core simmering beneath the bombast. Sex, swearing, car crashes, flames and fast-paced kitchen scenes that make […]