October, 2012

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Frankenweenie movie review: mangled stop-motion moviemaking

, Oct 25, 2012

Hollywood's most commercial 'out there' auteur, Tim Burton, directed classics such as Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. His new stop-motion feature Frankenweenie shows how far he's fallen.
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Dark Shadows movie review: minor, minor, minor Burton

, May 12, 2012

In the dimly lit ornately adorned gusty hallways of gothic-esque “out there” cinema, once crazy-cool auteur Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Batman, Mars Attacks! etc) has not so much jumped the shark as splattered it in ghoulish make-up and rocket launched himself into a thick cloud of unintentional parody from whence he may never emerge. The veteran […]
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No Wizard of Oz remake…yet

, Nov 19, 2010

The big story that made the rounds this week in the movie blogosphere was, like most stories based on loose reports, speculation, scuttlebutt and the cyber world’s equivalent of Chinese whispers, essentially a non-story, but for cinephiles such as yours truly it generated more than a smidgen of interest. The kerfuffle began on Tuesday when […]
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Burton to produce Abraham Lincoln vampire flick

, Mar 07, 2010

Director Tim Burton, who is currently receiving a right royal rogering from roughly half the critical populace (according to Rotten Tomatoes) for his characteristically dark interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, is set to produce a biopic of sorts about Abraham Lincoln. The operative words in that sentence are of sorts, and that’s being fairly generous […]
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Alice in Wonderland movie review: bright, dark and dazzling

, Mar 02, 2010

Few directors in tinsel town are as qualified to direct a “remake” or “reimagining” or “re-adaptation” or whatever you want to call it of Lewis’ Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland than out-there auteur Tim Burton, who has long proved his mettle as a filmmaker with an insatiable penchant for psychotropic production values. From Edward Scissorhands to […]
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Aussie Alice in Wonderland lambasted by vitriolic Brit

, Mar 01, 2010

One bitter British critic has sunk his fangs into Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska and her performance as Alice in Wonderland in Tim Burton’s new version of Lewis Carrol’s classic tale, which hits Australia cinemas this Thursday. News of the World writer Robbie Collin gave the film one star and lambasted Wasikowska, saying she “looks like […]
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Who’s smoking da hookah?

, Jan 05, 2010

Who is this funny little creature, you may ask? Why it’s the hookah-smoking caterpillar, of course! As the release of Tim Burton’s long-anticipated Alice in Wonderland adaptation edges closer and closer to go-time (it opens in Australia March 4) expect to see more and more marketing tidbits pop up hither and thither on this ‘ere […]
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First pics of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

, Jun 24, 2009

A batch of tantalising stills have surfaced of Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland reimagining and they all look gloriously psychotropic – none more so than the first character shot of a borderline unrecognisable Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter (pictured left, click to enlarge). Other character pics (below) include Helen Bonham Carter as the Red […]