September, 2010

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Interview with Stuart Beattie, writer/director of Tomorrow, When the War Began

, Sep 14, 2010

Stuart Beattie is a rare figure in the Australian film industry: an Aussie who moved to America and made a living in Hollywood as a writer for large scale films bankrolled by major production studios. His credits include the Oscar-winning Collateral (2003), Derailed (2005), 30 Days of Night (2007) and the Pirates of the Caribbean […]
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Tomorrow, When the War Began movie review: on track to become an Aussie classic

, Aug 23, 2010

Author John Marsden’s Australian invasion novel Tomorrow, When the War Began has been gobbled up like corn chips and adored by teens and young adults since it hit the shelves in the early 90’s. The book generated record sales, six sequels, endless speculation about the nationality of the invaders (Marsden never named names) and now […]