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DaybreakersIn 2003 Aussie writing/directing/editing tag team Michael and Peter Spierig – aka The Spierig Brothers – unleashed one hell of a feature debut with Undead, a terrifically screwy Australian zombie movie about a fishing village overcome by grisly, slobbery, flesh-chewing post-life citizens. The film has one particularly memorable and entirely zingerific lines of dialogue: a piggish cop, peeking out a house window towards a horde of incoming undead, exclaims “when I was a kid, we f-ckin’ respected our parents, we didn’t f-ckin eat ’em!”

Undead cost around $1 million. Glossily shot and layered with visual inventions, it looked like it cost five or ten times that amount.

No surprise, then, that folks in Hollywood cottoned on to the rising talents of the Spierig Brothers and a big cast of local and international names amassed for their second feature, Daybreakers (watch the trailer below) which stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil, Willem Dafoe, Vince Colosimo and Claudia Karvan. It’s a vampire story with a twist: the film based in a world where almost everyone is a vampire, so nobody grows old and blood is harvested like products from a farm. “Immortality is the miracle and we are blessed,” says a squinty, lazy-eyed blood supping Sam Neil. However, all sh*t breaks loose upon the discovery that vampire-humanity faces an ugly conundrum: “there is only enough blood to sustain our population until the end of the month.” So the search for a blood substitute is on.

Daybreakers will determine whether The Spierig Brothers are likely to become a major new Aussie force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Early signs look positive.