The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s annual communications report is out, and as usual is full of meaty statistics on the uses of communications technology.

And the stats make it ludicrous to suggest that journalists can afford to ignore phenomena like social networking and blogging.

Here are a few facts to mull over:

  • Eighty nine per cent of Australians use the internet daily or weekly
  • Fifty five per cent of Australians go online more than eight times a week
  • Forty per cent of Australians read a blog or used a social networking site in 2007-8
  • Thirty nine per cent of Australians between the ages of eight and seventeen have an online profile
  • Seventy two per cent of internet users go online to catch up on news, sports and weather – making accessing news number three in popular uses, below email and banking.
  • Blogging and social networking are the fastest growing internet applications.
  • Two in every ten Australians belong to an online community or social network, with Facebook more popular than Myspace.
  • One in every ten Australians has written a blog or uploaded content to the internet
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