As he prepares to leave for Doha and his new post, Max Uechtritz sent me some thoughts on how technology is developing and what this means for the ways we think about content – and what it may mean for Fairfax. He writes:

“Thought I’d just let you you can actually watch AlJazeera English in good quality here via the web.

They’re on this great new application called Live Station.

You go to their website, click on Watch Now at top left. This will give you a page which offers three ways of watching. Live Station (free) is the third and bottom option. Download takes a couple of minutes. TheĀ  its on your desktop.

It also lets you watch a whole slew of other international channels from the Beeb, ITN, France 24 (English) , Russia Today, Eronews in five languages etc – just by clicking round their carousel.

You just click on the icon at the top of screen to fill the smaller screen. Then you right click to go full screen.

Because AJE is fully HD the picture – even on a big wide computer monitor – is as good as TV. Even the other channels are eminently watchable.

That’s the live oputput.

All AJE programmes and news chunks can also be watched on their You Tube channel which you get to via their website.

Not that I’m suggesting you watch AJE all day!

More pointing out the cutting edge technology that has world networks at anyone’s finger tips.

It makes you wonder – again – at the media make-up of the future and the relationship between TV and online if you can get any TV show from anywhere anytime in acceptable to excellent quality.

Right now you can connect your laptops to your plasma if you want to – the pictures get grainier of course. But the technology is already being tested and even used by which will fix all that.

Who knows how it will all end. But certainly everyone has to sytop thinking in yterms of TV, online , radio or proint. It’s all just programming that follows you around.

I know youy write a lot of Fairfax .. I thought they were being very clever buying the broadcast house to get the expertise and wherewithal for TV and TV-like online production. But now they’re selling! Myopic in my view.”

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