The following just to hand from Friends of the ABC. NB Friends – read my previous post!

Sue Howard’s Departure from ABC

Friends of the ABC recognises the enormous contribution Sue Howard made to the ABC as a broadcaster.

“However, in her time as head of Radio in more recent years, Friends  has been concerned that important qualities of the ABC are being pushed aside,” said David Risstrom, Friends of the ABC (Vic) spokesperson.

“We are worried about the ‘dumbing down’ of local radio in pursuit of ratings that has occurred. Our concerns have been sharpened by recent decisions to cut excellent programs from next year’s Radio National schedule.”

Reports of some media commentators indicate that Howard’s departure is not the result of the types of concerns that FABC has, but may be part of a restructure.

“Given the increasing commercial direction of the ABC, until the public is informed what is planned, we will be apprehensive,” said David Risstrom.

Further comment David Risstrom    phone: 0418 502 713

Glenys Stradijot, FABC (Vic) Campaign Manager    phone: 0409 11 0411

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