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ABC Director of Radio and Regional Content, Sue Howard has announced she will be leaving the Corporation this month after an exceptional 22 year career.

“It’s very hard to leave something you are so passionate about, but in many ways this is the very best time of all. I am proud that radio finished 2008 on an historic high with its largest audience share on record. It’s very clear that millions of our listeners are telling us every week that we’re doing a lot right and it’s a terrific feeling to leave the medium I love in such a strong position,” Ms Howard said.

“ABC radio is poised, not just to meet the digital challenge ahead, but is ready to continue to lead Australian media into the new multi platform era.

“I’ve been proud and privileged to lead and work with the dedicated, enthusiastic and creative radio team across Australia and while of course I feel some sadness in leaving, there are other challenges and opportunities beckoning me that I feel I need to take.”

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott paid tribute to Sue Howard’s leadership and achievements.

“Sue has notched up some remarkable firsts for the Corporation. She leaves with our respect, thanks and warm wishes,” Mr Scott said.

“Under Sue’s 11 year directorship radio audiences across the country increased by more than 30% and the ABC became one of the largest creators of podcasting material in the world.

“Sue’s belief that the ABC needed to play a major role in the digital revolution saw the establishment of the Dig internet stations and the training and placement of the first radio online producers working in regional Australia telling local stories for radio, television and online; a move that has extended both the cross media content produced
while capturing larger radio audiences the country.”

Sue Howard began her ABC career in 1986 behind the microphone. She was a highly popular presenter fronting Classic FM Drive, pioneering ABC Radio’s mid dawn shift and becoming the first woman to present a breakfast program on ABC metropolitan radio.

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