Following Alan Oakley around is getting to be a habit for Peter Fray, who is to be the new editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, replacing Alan Oakley who walked a few weeks ago.

Fray, 46, will start in his new job mid-January. Before editing the Canberra Times – a post he has held for only 10 months – he edited the Sunday Age for two years, succeeding – Alan Oakley.

An email to staff from Lloyd Whish-Wilson, Fairfax Media’s chief executive and publisher, NSW & ACT Metropolitan Publishing, confirmed the appointment today.

The other candidate mentioned in dispatches was Mark Baker, who was Fray’s predecessor as editor of the Canberra Times. Baker was interviewed.

It is not an easy time to be a newspaper editor, and a Fairfax editor in particular.

More on what it means tomorrow.

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