I’ve said elsewhere that one of the reasons I am doing this blog is to experiment with the efficacy and sustainability of serving news and views to a niche audience online – the niche audience in this case being journalists, media workers and those who are interested in them. Meta-journalism, if you like.

Well, its been just under a month since the first post on this blog, and you can read my Google Analytics report here.

Given that this is a start-up publication, I think I’m doing okay.

Traffic has slowed over the holiday period, but is by not miserable. Some people never rest! (although you can see the hollow spots on the weekends).

The peaks in traffic through December are notable, coinciding with NEWS – about Sue Howard’s departure from the ABC, and Peter Fray’s succession at Fairfax. Even the posts in which I said that Peter Fray was saying nothing got a lot of traffic. (Thanks Peter. Imagine what we could do if you actually said something!)

Google Analytics also tells me a bit about where the traffic is coming from. My biggest single source is, as you would expect, the Crikey.com.au site which drove almost 65 per cent of the traffic. Next comes Google searches, with search terms like”,mark scott christmas message” “sue howard”, “peter fray”, “alan oakley” and “bruce guthrie” driving significant amounts of traffic.

I am glad to say that over ten per cent of my traffic comes direct to me – meaning that people must deliberately bookmark or visit the site.This seems to be growing fast, which is pleasing.

Mentions on Larvatus Prodeo and my Twitter feeds (user name MargaretSimons) each drove about two per cent of traffic.

But these monthly figures don’t tell the whole story, because the pattern was changing quite fast as people got to know about the site, and there was a lot of variation depending on what news I had on the day.

There were days when visitors from inside the ABC made up to 80 per cent of my traffic. Likewise visitors from inside News Limited and Fairfax were in the majority on certain days. (Just to reassure you all – Google tells me the location of the network you are using – not the identity of your computer!)

And the peaks in traffic tell their own story. Breaking news, albeit news that is of interest only to certain journalists, drove my traffic figures above 1000 visits. On one day, almost all of these were from inside the ABC!

Let me know if this is boring, but if there is some interest, I’ll keep you tabbed.

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