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Jan 12, 2009

How Jeff Jarvis got Thrown Out

Jeff Jarvis writes here about how he got thrown out of the Online Publishers' Association conference. Jarvis


Jeff Jarvis writes here about how he got thrown out of the Online Publishers’ Association conference. Jarvis is the creator of the weblog BuzzMachine, which is one of the places people go to find out about new thinking in media. You can read more about him here. So why was he thrown out? Jay Rosen, among others, is trying to get an explanation. Some suggest it was concerns from people associated with the Wall Street Journal.

Jarvis writes that he was rushed out so fast he could hardly draw breath.

After I finished talking and sat down to hear the next panel, I was ejected from the meeting. It wasn’t anything I said, I don’t think. It was that they now wanted a closed meeting. As I was rather unceremoniously rushed out, still noshing on my cookie, grabbing my coat and hat and trying not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out, I turned to the room and said, “One last thing: Think open-source, people.” It got a laugh and even a hand.

Why did this happen? Jarvis writes in the comment thread:

I don’t think who said what when to whom is terribly telling. I was clear with them about my plan to be there all day. They changed their mind and obviously weren’t clear enough with me. He said. she said. So what? We learn what we need to know about the attitude of the organization in any case. To someone in the room, my presence there was seen as a danger, though not because I was going to blog – as this was happening, I said so the room could hear that I wasn’t blogging. Still, what the action said is that I wasn’t trusted and that’s insulting because I work with many of these people and I keep their confidences. But I don’t think it was me. It was my status: I was an outsider.


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