I thought we had said all that could be said on this one, (read previous posts today for a catch up), but the Sydney Morning Herald is now reporting that Freeview WAS behind the pulling of the spoof video from YouTube. This is despite Freeview’s denials to me earlier today.

What is more, the Herald reporter concerned, Asher Moses, is sticking to his guns, as you can see from his Twitter presence.

Now, either Moses is wrong, and he insists he is not, or Freeview were incorrect in what they said to me this afternoon. Is it possible, as Moses suggests on Twitter, that Marketing Manager Liz Howarth did not know that a complaint had been lodged by the organisaton?

She began by telling me she was not aware of any complaint lodged with YouTube, but when I asked her explicity whether she was simply not aware, or whether she could confirm that no complaint was made, she said “It did not happen.” I have rung her again to clarify, but so far have not heard back.

Inquiries with YouTube are underway, and hopefully things will become clearer.

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