Once something appears on the Internet, it is there forever, so it would be very foolish indeed if Australia’s free-to-air television stations have any hand in a spoof video about them disappearing from YouTube.

As reported earlier this morning, there were claims last week that Freeview, the marketing arm for free to air television’s burgeoning digital presence, was taking legal action against the comedians who posted a spoof video on YouTube. I spoke to the chairman of Freeview, Kim Dalton, earlier today and he denied this.

Yet within hours, the spoof video had been taken down from YouTube, and replaced by a notice alleging it violated terms of use.

Now, did Freeview have a hand in this? This time Dalton has referred me to the CEO of Freeview, Robin Parkes, who has not yet returned my phone call asking for comment. I’ll update as necessary.

Meanwhile, the spoof video has been mirrored all over the shop. Here, and here, for starters.

Surely…surely…Freeview is not so foolish as to be trying to suppress it?

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