Freeview has denied that it is behind the pulling of a spoof video from YouTube.

Freeview Marketing Manager, Liz Howarth, said to me a few minutes ago that Freeview was not aware of any complaints being made to YouTube by Freeview. Could she say categorically that it did not happen? “It did not happen,” she replied.

For those of you coming in late, catch up here.

Howarth also reiterated that Freeview was not considering legal action over the spoof. “It doesn’t bother us,” she said. “We understand that [the makers of the video] are promoting their comedy show, and they can do that.”

Meanwhile the co-creator of the Freeview spoof, Daniel Ilic, has recently got off a plane and logged in to his YouTube account in an attempt to find out how and why the video was pulled.

He was greeted with a message telling him that it was against “community guidelines”. His understanding is that for this to be determined, someone must have made a complaint.

Wonder who?

UPDATE: I may be a cynic, but I have just put a question to Marc Fennell and Daniel Ilic. Did they organise the pulling of their own spoof?

Fennell’s reply:

“For my part, on the record: Absolutely not. Its a totally fair question, though. completely understand why you needed to ask.”

And Ilic:

“ha.. no margaret.. it wasn’t us…I would have hoped that link would have reached 100k…We were tryin to sell “Mutha Fkin Question Time in HD” T-shirts off the back of it.. there is no benefit for us in zapping that initial link..”

Any tips to [email protected]

Ilic says the spoof had had around 12,000 views when it was pulled.

It can still be seen on these sites:

and here can be downloaded as a high resolution video here..
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