I’ll be posting a heap of material later today on this blog about the results of my call to freelancers on what they are paid, and by whom.

But in the meantime, a number of people have contacted me to let me know about an obnoxious agreement Pacific Magazines (publishers of New Idea, Better Homes and Gardens and other titles) are distributing to all would be contributors. If you sign it, Pacific Magazines owns all the rights, everywhere and forever! Or to quote the exact words of Clause 4:

In consideration for the compensation referred to in paragraph 3 the Writer assigns to the Publisher all rights (including copyright) subsisting in the Material anywhere in the world (including any renewals or extensions to such rights). Without limitation to this assignment, the Writer acknowledges that the Publisher, its assigns and licensees have the right to utilise the Material (including any part of the Material) in any media currently known or hereafter created throughout the world in perpetuity, including (without limitation) any other magazine title and any website of the Publisher and any related entity.

Well, in my book they’d have to be paying top dollar to get anything like that. Let’s see. Maybe $2 a word?

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has issued a warning to freelancers not to sign the agreement, while it seeks legal advice.


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