Social Media Consultant Laurel Papworth is a critic of “heritage media”. I have quoted her on this blog before, as well as speaking at the same functions, including the Media 140 conference in Sydney last year.

In this post, she has a red hot go at one of her critics – Tim Burrowes of the media site Mumbrella. She accuses him of bullying her with a series of critical and mocking posts over many months. More broadly, she critiques journalists-who-blog. Not all of us, mind. But those who are not sufficiently immersed in the online community, instead using if for self-interested professional purposes.

Opinions will differ. Is the interaction between Mumbrella and Papworth (who has sharp things to say about others at times) merely robust debate, or is it victimisation? To what extent does the heat and kitchens rule apply to cyberspace? Is there a difference between journalists who blog, and non-journalistic bloggers? And what does it mean to blog “ethically”? Papworth says:

While some journalists adapt to the new writing style well, understanding the media shifts and blogging well as part of the blogosphere, other journalists that blog – let’s call them journoggers – stand apart from the blogosphere, raiding it for content, and disturbing equilibrium. Please note: that might well be a good thing to do or it might cause the journogger to eventually be rejected.

It’s an interesting debate.

UPDATE: Tim Burrowes replies. See the comments thread.

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