The Editor in Chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell, was evidently stung by my little blog post yesterday about his paper’s decision not to use the pics of Tony Abbott framed by nasty banners at the anti carbon tax rally. He has sent the following response to the editor of Crikey, Sophie Black.

Some of you will also have followed the Twitter conversation I had with @samanthamaiden about the same piece.

Comments are invited.

Margaret Simons’ comparison of The Age’s coverage of an anti-carbon rally in Canberra to that in The Australian really only betrays her bias and lack of editorial skill. The Australian had as its front page picture display an exclusive Newspoll signalling the most dramatic recovery of a politician in the history of the poll. The poll concerned sitting premier Anna Bligh and was published the day after the announcement that Campbell Newman would campaign for the premier’s job from outside the Parliament and quit his job as Lord Mayor of Brisbane to do so. In a national paper that poll was a far more important story in our biggest market than a rally of 3,000 people in Canberra. I might also point out that rally – organised by a radio station – was covered extensively on the six o’clock news that night. We at The Australian try to develop our own exclusive stories and push our agenda forward so that the evening news follows us rather than the reverse.

Chris Mitchell


The Australian

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