Okay, I now have some comment from Fairfax management on my earlier post.

To recap, Bronwen Clune is quoting investigations by Fairfax staff that allegedly show Fairfax has grossly underestimated the number of pages that will have to be sub-edited by Pagemasters under the oursourcing deal:

In Hywood’s calculations of pages that need to be sent to Pagemasters, the proposal set out that 900 first edition pages would need to be subbed from across The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.
The reality is last week 1400 pages were subbed when all editions were counted, with about 1200 being a good average for most weeks.
Now not all these pages require a huge amount of resubbing, but combined it means another 100-200 pages of work that have not been accounted for.

Not according to management.

It says the disparity in numbers is a “definitional issue” relating to whether a page actually needs substantial sub-editing work, or whether only minor alterations are needed.

“We know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to numbers of pages,” the management source said, claiming the apparent disparity in numbers is a furphy.

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