My previous post was a call out to News Limited employees past and present to tell me their experiences of the News Limited Code of Conduct – whether they were aware it existed, whether they were encouraged to read it?

Five minutes in, I have received the following responses by email, from former and present employees who don’t wish their names to be used:

From a woman who worked for  The Australian between 1995 and 1999:

Re your Crikey blog, I probably worked at News Limited before they had a Code of Conduct, but if there was one from 1995 to 1999 I certainly never saw it.

(In fact, the Code did exist at that time.)

From a man who worked at a News Limited community newspaper until late last year.

I was completely unaware there was a Code of Conduct at my workplace until I read about it in your book.

From a current employee of the Herald Sun.

I have never seen the Code of Conduct. I kind of know its there, but nobody has ever suggested I read it.

I’ll post more as it comes to hand.

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