Just got another email from Greg Baxter, and then another clarifying the first. On the move at present, but will comment and respond shortly.

“Margaret, you have misrepresented me badly in your item today for Crikey.

I have previously sent you a copy of our professional conduct policy. I have also previously sent it to Media Watch and to any other media outlet that has asked for it. I have also sent it to academics and journalism students on a routine basis. I have never as far as I can recall refused to provide a copy to anyone that has asked for it.

You could have published our code today instead of issuing a hollow, grandstanding challenge to John Hartigan. And you could have published it – and could have done so ages ago – because I sent it to you. No doubt you have received copies of it from other sources.

Anyone who wants a copy can have one. If anyone wants a copy of Crikey’s code of conduct or your own can they get one? Meanwhile, please send me Crikey’s code and your own code as a professional journalist and blogger.

I have already responded to your erroneous points about whether there are any journalists at News that claim to have not seen it or received it. I am sure there are some. And as I said, there is no excuse for them not to have seen it or to have a copy. The fact that you have received all of 10 responses from a total staff of about 10,000 – including 3000 editorial staff – tells its own story.

All new employees at News are required to sign documents to attest that they have received documents and read them and have attended induction courses so your assertion that there is “nothing like that at News Limited” is wrong.

I am also sending you a copy of the code of conduct for Nationwide News which publishes The Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph and tomorrow HWT will be issuing an updated policy that has been in the works for 3 months that deals with professional conduct, social media and external media appearances by our staff.

Regards, Greg

The conduct policy is below.”

(and will be published in the Crikey email and here tomorrow. MS.

And a few minutes later, came this clarifier.

“Margaret, as per my eaelier email I have just discovered that the Nationwide policy was included in the News Limited policywhen it was last updated so there is no separate document. As far as I can tell the major metro divisions all now use the same policy. The HWT policy has been expanded to deal with social media in particular which has been rolled out across the divisions progressively from News Digital Media.

Greg Baxter| Director, Corporate Affairs”

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