The following announcement regarding the resignation of Don Churchill was emailed to Age staff this afternoon. Read tomorrow’s Crikey email for some analysis. Chu

Subject: All Fairfax Media staff announcement


As some of you have heard, Don Churchill announced his intention to retire at the senior management conference held yesterday.  While I am pleased for Don, I must say that this is a sad day for Fairfax.  I have worked with Don for the past five years and his wise advice and counsel has been hugely valuable to me and the wider organisation.  This has been particularly evident as we put together the new Metro group.

Don has been in the media and publishing industry for over 46 years and had indicated to the company some time ago of his intention to retire.  However, we asked him to stay on to assist us through a number of changes and developments, originally through the relocation to Media House, and more recently through the introduction of new strategies and company reorganisation.

There are few people who have had such a long and successful media career in both Australia and New Zealand and, in fact, led teams that won such accolades at Newspaper of the Year for papers in each country.

Don was charged with reinvigorating the Age operations in Melbourne after a period of centralised management from Sydney and we appreciate that he achieved those objectives, and developed strong local teams which drove very strong results in an ever-challenging media environment.

Please join me in wishing Don the best for the future.

Jack Matthews

CEO Metro Media

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