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Social Media v Mainstream - Pew Centre Research

The Pew Research Centre’s New Media Index  is publishing some interesting data on the differences between social media, including blogs, and mainstream media outlets in the USA. The New Media Index monitors and analyses the content on more than 100 million blogs and other social media web pages concerned with national news and public affairs, […]

Blog Aid

An interesting new blog has just started, based in New York’s Greenwich Village and specialising in Aid. We are promised exposes of those who are collecting money but not  helping the poor, as well as praise for those that  are. The blog, Aid Watch, is by William Easterly who is Professor of Economics at New […]

Just when you thought it was safe to back into the blogosphere...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the blogosphere, more on the Windschuttle hoax. I like this post by academic Jason Wilson. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I. He agrees with me!

Who Killed "Sharon Gould"?

I know it’s a journalistic cliche, but for a yarn that is of interest to, perhaps, ten thousand  or so Australians the Sharon Gould hoax has it all. As revealed in the Crikey e-mail today, this story has not only cultural warriors, not only cultural mischief making, but also the extra human interest element of […]

The Content Makers - One Month of Operation and Going OK.

I’ve said elsewhere that one of the reasons I am doing this blog is to experiment with the efficacy and sustainability of serving news and views to a niche audience online – the niche audience in this case being journalists, media workers and those who are interested in them. Meta-journalism, if you like. Well, its […]

The Good News About Bad News - Sally Young Responds

A while ago now I wrote this post responding to an article by Dr Sally Young. Now Young has responded, and I have responded to her. Read the comments. I think it is an interesting conversation, and I’m hoping others join in.

Mainstream Media Came to the Party - Lateish

On December 19 near Kings Cross in Sydney a man was detained and threatened with arrest under the Terrorism Act. How do we know? Not thanks to the mainstream media, but because of Twitter and the blogosphere, including young media workers who are below the radar of most mainstream journalists. The person who was threatened, […]

The Bad News About News - and Why I Disagree

Inside Story, a new publication on which I have blogged before, has an interesting article by Sally Young, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne, on changing habits in consuming news.* I disagree with elements of Young’s essentialy pessimistic analysis. She says:”Even though we are spending more time with media today, […]

Signs of Hope - A New Australian Publication

It’s been a week for banging on in conventional ain’t it awful ways about our major newspaper companies, and while all this is indeed cause for concern and must be documented, it gets my goat, because I don’t really feel gloomy at all about the future of media. While I know we are going through […]

Statistics to mull over on internet use

The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s annual communications report is out, and as usual is full of meaty statistics on the uses of communications technology. And the stats make it ludicrous to suggest that journalists can afford to ignore phenomena like social networking and blogging. Here are a few facts to mull over: Eighty nine […]