News Limited’s Audit – Agreement with the Press Council

Margaret SimonsJul 18, 2011 2

I have just been sent the following by the Chair of the Australian Press Council, Julian Disney. It is the detail of his agreement with News Limited CEO John Hartigan about the audit of

After Martini – the Director’s Cut

Margaret SimonsJul 18, 2011

Margaret Simons on the State of Journalism from Des Ryan on Vimeo.

After a martini – me on media

Margaret SimonsJul 15, 2011 1

I am in my hometown, Adelaide, at the moment. Last night I was given a strong martini by my old friend, Des Ryan, who edits that city's InDaily website. Then he told me that there were

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Greens to Call for Senate Committee Inquiry on Media Regulation

Margaret SimonsJul 14, 2011 5

Greens leader Bob Brown is about to call a media conference at which he will announce a push for a comprehensive Senate Committee inquiry into media regulation in the wake of the News o

Statement by John Hartigan

Margaret SimonsJul 13, 2011 4

13 July, 2011 Dear Colleague, As disturbing events continue to unfold in London I believe it is important to keep you up to date with our position in Australia. Some media outle

New Herald and Weekly Times Policy – and How it Sits with the Mothership

Margaret SimonsJul 12, 2011

Earlier today I mentioned that I had posed some questions about the new Herald and Weekly Times policy, and how it sat with the News Limited Code that has been the subject of all the du

News Limited, Caroline Overington and an Alternative Universe

Margaret SimonsJul 12, 2011 22

In an alternative universe, the little dust up I have been having with News Limited over the last few days would have taken a different course. Imagine if it had been this way. After I

And more again from News Limited’s Greg Baxter

Margaret SimonsJul 12, 2011 2

Fresh developments in the stoush with News Limited. See the Crikey email for the news, but in the interests of completeness, here is the latest correspondence. Also, The Australian's me

My Response to News Ltd’s Greg Baxter

Margaret SimonsJul 12, 2011

Earlier today, I got a couple of emails from News Limited spin doctor Greg Baxter in response to t

More News Limited People on Ethical Code

Margaret SimonsJul 11, 2011 1

If you are coming in late on this, you might want to read the previous few posts. I wrote in the Crikey email on Friday