More from News Limited’s Greg Baxter

Margaret SimonsJul 11, 2011 2

Just got another email from Greg Baxter, and then another clarifying the first. On the move at present, but will comment and respond shortly. "Margaret, you have misrepresented me ba

More on the News Limited Code of Professional Conduct, and Knowledge of Same

Margaret SimonsJul 9, 2011 4

See my previous two posts if you are coming in to this late. It is all about whether I am right when I claim that awareness and knowledge of the News Limited Code of Professional Conduc

Five Minutes In – Responses So Far

Margaret SimonsJul 8, 2011 1

My previous post was a call out to News Limited employees past and present to tell me their experiences of the News Limited Code of Conduct - whether they were aware it existed, whether

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The News Ltd Code of Conduct – Calling All Former News Employees

Margaret SimonsJul 8, 2011 3

Crikey just got the following email from News Limited's spin doctor Greg Baxter. He claims, contrary to my piece in the

The Great ABC/Crikey Email Expose (ahem)

Margaret SimonsJul 1, 2011 3

I’ve got a story in the Crikey email today about an unusual event. A Herald Sun journalist, for reasons that are obscure, lodged a Freedom of Information request with the ABC for all


Margaret SimonsJun 28, 2011

As regular readers will know, reporting on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a regular part of my beat. So in the interests of transparency, I want to declare here that I am cu

Mark Day, Games and Innovation

Margaret SimonsJun 6, 2011 3

In that great wave of innovation that represented the early days of newspapers, there were plenty of mis-steps,and  plenty of amusement. It wasn't until much later on that journalists

Fascinating interview in Ben Grubb case

Margaret SimonsMay 18, 2011 1

Here is a link to a fascinating interview in the Ben Grubb case. Via @stilgherrian.

Fairfax Management: We know exactly what we are doing.

Margaret SimonsMay 13, 2011 1

Okay, I now have some comment from Fairfax management on my earlier post. To recap,

Has Fairfax Flunked the Maths?

Margaret SimonsMay 13, 2011

Can this be true? Bronwen Clune has a post alleging that Fairfax has grossly under